We believe that to accomplish a change we desire from the challenges that confront our nation today, we must develop the culture of peace with ourselves and our environment. We must foster social justice. We must collaborate and be transformative in our approach. We must propel leadership that work collaboratively across divides while building positive vibes and visions for long-term.


Soulace Africa would build bridge that will make the walk from war to peace possible through training and engaging nonviolence, peace oriented leadership while we foster, nurture, empower and cultivate peaceful environment that the coming generation will be proud to be.

Who We Serve

Our intervention is customized to serve community that are predisposed to, left behind and mostly affected by extreme violence in Nigeria. We provide transformative, well thought off and customized solution to social change.

I. Youth predisposed to violence.

II. Community mostly affected by armed conflict- women and children.

III. Veterans community - war orphans and widows.

Our Focus

I. Families

II. Schools & Colleges.

III. Corporate Organization .

IV. Civic & veterans Community.

What We Believe

Core Values


A true Soulace must create and radiate feeling of reassurance and positive vibes that is needed to calm a raging heart.


Informed, efficient and impactful decision can only be reached when we know where the shoe pinches. It is in light of this that we work out desirable solution with our beneficiary.


Just like a tree whose shoot is shopped off but sprout again at the touch of water; same way we are not discouraged by temporary setback. We make this habit so infectious that our community can emulate or replicate.


We operate with utmost sincerity and communal conscience which is a prerequisite to sustainable relationship with our stakeholders.

What We Do

Coexist Nigeria

Unveiling the path to sustainable peace in Nigeria. An expose from the Chief Convener of Soulace Africa