In the 21st century Africa, people are thought how to make money, how to be better managers and great entrepreneurs, how to break cycle of poverty but less is mentioned on how to kickstart the peace spectrum.

This gap is the reason for Soulace Africa. We believe that to accomplish change at the scale and pace required to confront the challenges we face in our nation today, we have to develop the culture of peace within oneself, with ourselves and our environment. We must propel Transformative leadership that will work collaboratively across divides both in the community and marketplace. Through Soulace Peace Academy we stem violent conflict through by way of our train the trainer, advocacy and thematic training session. We address conflict wherever we find it. Sign on to our ranges of programs;

  • Olive School Nonviolent Awareness Campaign for schools and colleges.
  • Corporate conflict resolution Training /Workshop.
  • Family conflict resolution Training/Workshop .
  • Peace festival & Award.
  • Peace Library.

The succulent Odundun plant (a member of the family of Bryophyllum pinnatum) is a tropical plant that has high medicinal, ecstatic, cultural value across Africa. To its characteristics, Odundun grow with very little water. It has a shade of 3 Colour; green, yellow and purple. In traditional Yoruba Culture, Odundun is believed to be a spirit plant that helps prosperity and peace. The Traditional Yoruba people from south-western Nigeria belief that this plant has power that could calm (Ogun) the acclaimed god of iron. To us in Soulace Africa, Odundun is an emblem of resilience, peace and prosperity. Through Odundun we aim at ameliorating the impact of extreme violence by engaging people (Women and children) that mostly affected in Nigeria. we do this by creating empowerment spectrum which are includes.

  • Managed fund for the support of war orphan and war widows
  • Livelihood, Vocational & Apprenticeship skill Acquisition.
  • Educational trust fund
  • Health insurance trust fund.
  • Soulace Survival Network - Self-Support Initiative and Cooperative.

Peregun, just like Odundun is an evergreen shrub with several clustered trunks, often with upright branches that grows anywhere in Africa. Peregun a drought resistant shrub is noted for its bayonetlike leaves, resilience. Peregun is also believed to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity.

In Soulace Africa, we understand that abundance is only possible in an atmosphere of peace. Peregun become imperative in light of the need to Sheath the Sword of violence in Nigeria. Peregun will help beneficiaries them deflate the bubble of anger, depression and trauma that is trapped within the war affected individual or victims. Let’s go back to folktales and tell our stories. ‘Theatre has an incredible capacity to move people to social change to address issues and to inspire social revolution’ Eve Ensler said. Below are composite of Peregun project.

  • Antiwar Campaign .
  • Advocacy for inclusion for war orphans and widows.
  • Peace theatre & gallery - creative performing art & storytelling.
  • PTSD Awareness Workshop for service personnel.
  • Estate & will Administration and advisory.
  • Legal Support for left behind.

Coexist Is a platform for discussion, dialogue and debate on critical issues in the Nigeria polity that bothers on peacebuilding and community development. It conveys stakeholders across ethnic and cultural dichotomy to crosspollinate views and thoughts that could be translated into local peace action. Coexist will beam the light of truth on the path of reclaiming our trado-cultural peaceful identity that seems to have been lost to myriads of violence and intolerance in Nigeria. We welcome community leaders, traditional rulers, thought and religion leaders that believe in a peaceful human coexistence. Join us reclaim our peaceful identity though our monthly Colloquium, debate and discussion for peacebuilding. Silence is not all the time golden. Silence brew Wars

  • Pilot farm.
  • Community orientation and integration
  • Campaign for Farming for pleasure.

Remember, if we do violence to nature it will do greater violence to us. But if we care for nature it in turn cater for us!