…a bridge to peace

Soulace Africa is a community based peacebuilding organization. We work to address violent conflict and also advocate for the victims of extreme violence in Nigeria. Soulace Africa Initiative was established in February 2018 as an ethical organization in Nigeria. Our term of reference is Sustainable Development Goal SDG 16 which emphasizes preventive peacebuilding, nonviolence and restorative social justice. Our work embraces related goals which address poverty, zero hunger, health and wellbeing, decent employment, gender equality, quality education and climate action as a means to achieving sustainable peace.

Our Vision

We envision a peaceful world without war, where human’s actions are driven by communal consciousness and social justice.

Our Misison

To Mitigate the Incidence and Impact of war and violence through participatory community actions and peacebuilding efforts targeted at people that are predisposed and mostly affected by violence in Nigeria.

Our Core Values


A true Soulace must create and radiate feeling of reassurance and positive vibes that is needed to calm a raging heart.


Informed, efficient and impactful decision can only be reached when we know where the shoe pinches. It is in light of this that we work out desirable solution with our beneficiary.


Just like a tree whose shoot is shopped off but sprout again at the touch of water; same way we are not discouraged by temporary setback. We make this habit so infectious that our community can emulate or replicate.


We operate with utmost sincerity and communal conscience which is a prerequisite to sustainable relationship with our stakeholders.

Board of Trustee

We are ethical organization with sound corporate governance and best practice. Soulace Africa is composed of seasoned professionals and administrator who are passionate in investing their talents and time in progressive change. Our people are community oriented, passionate, peace minders and social sector enthusiast. We understand change starts with us the people.

Rtd Cornel. Adeyeye Adedotun


Babajide Tunji Oladimeji

Vice Chairman

Oka Ikwo Nosayaba

Corporate Secretary

Henry Babatunde Omodigbo


Adeeko Busola Adenike

Co-founder/ Chief Operating Officer

Adeeko Peter Olakunle

Co- founder/ Project Lead