Adeeko Peter Olakunle Chief Convener

My childhood dream was to adopt many orphans and build a big house for them. Little did I know that I would end up becoming an orphan so soon. My father – a soldier sustained combat injury and he died. All his life saving went down the drain of his hospital bill before he died. This uneventful occurrence took a toll on my mother who does not have a sustainable mean of livelihood as at that time. My mother took ill afterwards. We cannot afford the hospital bill and she too died. I became orphan at the age of nine. My brother a teenager as at that time became father by default. And that was not without an adverse effect on him.

Getting education for me was a thug of war. I could recall instances when I was being, flogged, chased out of class or being stripped of my uniform and sander and I had to walk bare foot for days. These being punishment for bringing the school fees late. Notwithstanding, none of this woe was strong enough to hold me down. You will agree with me that this precarious path to survival could be avoided if we have peace in and around my country. Veterans’ families are going through a worst condition in Nigeria today. Through my intervention, Soulace Africa, I shall be preventing violent conflict and supporting families already affected by violence conflict in Nigeria.

Besides my passion, I am a trained administrator and social sector enthusiast. An alumnus of Kanthari Leadership Training Institute India: An associate member of Africa Changemaker Fellowship and Members of Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability. Within the corporate sector, I have transverse the horizon at different levels as project administrator, account and compliance before transiting into non-profit sector with the founding of my initiative – Soulace Africa. I am passionate about the peaceful co-existence and the inclusion of war orphans and Widows.