Soulace Africa ‘Develop’ is community based skill building program designed to empower Veterans’ Widows in Nigeria. United Nations statistics shows that 80% of violent conflict around the world affect women and children. Women being more at the receiving end should be supported to take care of their children. Develop is a wake up call to veterans widows to step up from wallowing in abysmal poverty to a self sustained life.

War widows are plunged into uncertainty by the death of their husbands. Many of which are traumatized and lack the wherewithal to take up the responsibility of their dependents. It’s sad that Nigeria society as well as the government does excluded widows and thus further pushed them toward the margin of the Nigeria society. Veterans widows are not immune from the social neglect, deprivation and abject poverty in anyway. Most often widows resort to some sort of servitude and beggary for survival with children out of school.

Our intervention develop span from the Soulace Africa war orphans and widows development scheme. It focus on providing critical empowerment opportunities for the vulnerable war widows in Nigeria.

Skill acquisition:

Develop offers vocational and entrepreneurship skill acquisition that will help widows transform from being unemployed and wretched to becoming gainfully employed while earning decent income.

Innate Peacebuilding:

This project is designed to empower war widows with innate peace-building, ease from the debilitating experience and trauma that accompany the loss of their husbands. This will take place during the monthly family meetings, inculcated into various training sessions or at specialized boot camps.

Sustainable Income Generation:

Develop is also designed to facilitate the use of skill acquired for income generation that is tailored towards decent earning. We offer short intensive training that could immediately generate income for the widows. Agriculture and African fabric art and design and other form of income generating trade are used as tool for empowerment.

Self-Help Community:

Soulace survivor Network empowers war widows in Nigeria to get back on their feet through trade and supports. Widows are allienated in Nigeria society. This is why a network of support is imperative. Soulace Africa creates this trusted self-help group where the widows could open up, tell their stories, have a sense of belonging and lean on each other. If the community has rejected widows, widows through Soulace survivor Network could connect and embrace one another.

Small grant opportunity:

Subsequent to our training widows are supported with small grant through the cooperative. We also organize stalls and exhibition where products of the widows are sold at premium.