Oka Ikwo Nosayaba Corporate Secretary

Co-founder & Executive Director- The Resource Space. Founder – Centre for Community Empowerment & Sustainable Development (CESDEV) Lagos, Nigeria. Born in Lagos, Nigeria to John and Grace Udoh in a household of four female children and one male child, she grew up refusing to recognize inequalities.

Over a period of 16 years, she has worked at various levels for profit and not-for- profit organizations: developing and deploying expertise in health systems management, community development & practice; successfully piloting and coordinating several donor funded community health programs reaching over 10 Million target beneficiaries, and raising over $47million in funds.

Well-versed in translating missions and goals into operating plans with clear benchmarks and annual objectives, She’s a great at hands-on community based research and program management, and very passionate about community empowerment through impactful and respectful engagement. Her greatest motivation as a development worker cum Independent consultant has been to gain experience and answers on how to move people out of poverty. Hence every step in my professional development and career has been dedicated towards finding answers to the poor socio-economic state of Africa.

Currently involved in enterprise development with specific focus on women entrepreneurship and rural development. She also co-own and manage a social enterprise- www.theresourcespace.com , where she provides business support and work space services to start-ups. As a mentor, she provides women entrepreneurs, women owned enterprise and start-up nonprofit organizations the necessary support they require in their startup phase; successfully raising over $300000 in business/grants funds for women entrepreneurs.

She has an ambition to set up an indigenous women’s investment fund that will provide a platform for raising start-up and growth funds for 3500 women entrepreneurs to set up micro and small-scale enterprises: towards reducing inequalities, increasing household income and contributing to the sustainable development goals. She brought to Soulace Africa her expertise in community development and social sector governance.