Rtd Cornel. Adeyeye Adedotun Chairman

Adedotun is a retired Nigerian Army Officer who served in all the capacities required of his rank before retirement. He was a Commander, a Staff Officer and Instructor (Weapons and Military Tactics) at different times during his active service. He is a resourceful Man Manager and Commander of Men in extremely difficult situations

‘Colonel Adeyeye received Commendation Letters at different occasions from his Commander and one from the Government Agency in charge of Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Ex- Combatants in Sierra Leone (NCDDR). He has the following decorations to his credit; Operation Liberty Medal, Ecomog Medal, United Nations Medal, Forces Service Star, Meritorious Service Star, Purple Heart Medal, Silver Jubilee Medal. He retired from Active Military Service on 31 December 2008,

‘Colonel Adeyeye is now a Freelance Security Practitioner and Combat Consultant. He believes in Supremacy of the Rules of Law and abhors Violations of Procedures. He is a Public Affairs Watcher, Commentator and avowed peace lover.

A Veteran of Armed Crises in Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone which gave him First Hand experience of the Plights of None Combatant Victims of War, within which falls the area of interest of Soulace Africa.